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Quality, Environment and Safety Policies

- Consolidation of a positive image, based on a responsible and effective partnership relationship with customers, suppliers and the community, contributing to the conservation of the environment.

- Provide customers with customized, safe and qualified service in the provision of logistics services.

- Ensure continuous improvement of available resources with a permanent focus on the SASSMAQ Integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System, always focusing on costs and results.

- Carry out logistics and transportation of products, to meet the needs of customers, in accordance with internal requirements, legislation and applicable environmental standards.

- Implement continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management System, with proactive actions in relation to the significant environmental impacts of activities, ensuring the safety and health of the people involved with the processes and the preservation of the assets of the company and the client, preventing losses, destruction and robbery.

- Hire service providers capable of meeting the demands agreed with the client.

- Progressively increase participation in the freight transport market, by expanding the offer of advanced products and services, high level performance and competitivity in price, quality and technology.

- To qualify and motivate employees, so that, together with business partners, they act responsibly in relation to quality, environment and health and safety.

- Present financial results compatible with the resources invested.

Our Environmental Policy

"Considering that the deregulation and alteration of the original characteristics of diesel- powered automotive vehicles contributes significantly to the increase of the emissions of black smoke and particulate matter."

TRANSPARANÁ has a black smoke emission control program, periodically evaluating the opacity of its vehicles through FETRABASE, a company accredited by IBAMETRO, for correct fleet maintenance with respect to the emission of black smoke, according to the guidelines of this Ordinance.

Our security policy

Regulatory norms of the Ministry of Labor

  • Safety technician
  • CIPA (Internal Committee for the Prevention of Accidents)
  • Protective Clothing and Equipment
  • PPRA - Environmental Risk Prevention Program
  • PCMSO - Program for Medical Control of Occupational Health
  • Ergonomics
  • Legal Compliance

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Systematic Security Inspection
  • Training Certificatation
  • Appropriate Protective Clothing and Equipment