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Planning for Quality

Transparaná's mission is offer to the market solutions in general cargo transportation, with quality, agility, punctuality, safety and professionalism, ensuring customer satisfaction and profitability for the company, its partners, employees and the community in general, always contributing for the development of the country.

To be recognized, through the consolidation of the markets in which it operates and the Quality Management System, as a leading carrier, synonymous with agility, reliability, speed and competence.

Quality, Health and Environment Policy

Transporting loads in general, committed to meeting the requirements legislation and applicable environmental and safety standards, through the hiring of qualified service providers and counting with a team competent to meet the demands agreed upon with the customers.
Seek continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, Environment, Health and Safety, the satisfaction of its customers, the preservation of assets, sustainability and business continuity.

• Ethics in Relationships
• Respect for people
• Honesty

Seek the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality, Environment, Health and Safety management system, the satisfaction of its clients, the preservation of the patrimony, the sustainability and the continuity of the company.