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Over 30 years of experience

Empresa de Transportes e Logística Paraná ("Transparaná") was founded in 1987 by shareholders Carlos Renato Vedovato and Renato Vedovato, with the purpose of transporting fertilizers from the city of Candeias - BA to the cities of the north and northeast.

Taking advantage of a niche market and the business growth in the country, it expanded its operations into the general cargo segment.

In 2003 it installed its new headquarters (Camaçari- BA), in a total area of 45,000 m², with space planned and designed for logistics, storage and distribution of general cargo.

Accompanying the development of the Camaçari Petrochemical Complex, Transparaná specialized in the transportation of chemical and petrochemical products, guaranteeing personalized service to customers anywhere in the country.

Through its commitment to responsible performance, in 2004 the company obtained certification in compliance with environmental legislation. It was also certified ISO 9001-2015 and SASSMAQ, the qualification for transportation of chemical and petrochemical products.

Currently the company has 115.000m² of area and become one of the biggest player in transport segment.

Get to know Transparaná

• 115.000m² total area
• 40.000m² of warehouses
• 01 Reach Stacker

Get to know Tercam

• 338.500m² total area
• 33.000m² of warehouses
• Rail Ramp
• 02 Reach Stackers
• Depot for Cntrs
• Reinforced Yard (project cargos and cntrs)