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Welcome to Transparaná

Specialized Transportation

Road transport services, with a specialized fleet for different types of cargo and packaging.

Customs Clearance

We take care of the documentation and bureaucracy of your cargo, through experienced professionals.

Sea Freight

We coordinate integration between different modes, according to your requirements.


we have adequate space for your cargo, in secure warehouses prepared to meet the most diverse demands.

Over 30 years of experience

Transparaná has become a reference in the national transport and logistics market through its dedication and competence. The company specialized in the transportation of different types of cargo, combining security, punctuality and quality in providing its services, attending to its customers and through strong relationships with its suppliers. The company seeks to adapt to the needs of its clients, committing itself to serve their interests.

The Commercial Sector boasts a team prepared to meet the various requests of customers, aiming to satisfy their needs with quality, efficiency and speed.

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Our Customers

The main companies that use our services


We are associated with the main entities of the sector and have the best certification levels in the business segment.